Solar Plane

Solar plane completes first non-stop 24 hour flight. More » Photo: Keystone

Universe of Particles

Universe of Particles: Opening of new exhibition at the European Organization for Nuclear Research. More » Photo: Michael Jungblut

World Cities Summit 2010

Under the theme “Liveable and Sustainable Cities for the Future”, the World Cities Summit is held in Singapore this week.  [...]


California has seen the first zero-carbon-emissions motorsports event on US soil. More » Photo: James Martin/CNET

Solar Light Bulb

A Hong Kong-based company has introduced the world’s first solar light bulb. More » Photo: Nokero

United Nations

World Health Day or World Space Week: Through a series of events, The United Nations focus the world public on [...]

Milky Way

Origin of Milky Way Clouds Revealed. More » Image: Bill Saxton, NRAO/AUI/NSF


NASA shows stunning new images of the sun. More »

Business Innovation

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